What to do

So my husband called me an hr before work telling me he was working til 5pm. I said ok fine we will have left over for dinner. Then at 5pm he texted me and said he was having a beer or 2 with some coworkers as one is leaving for good. I said ok. He came home around 6:15pm.
He then explained to me that work told him if he wanted to he could work overtime all week and come in anytime tomorow for a few hrs on his day off.
I told him fine but what am i going to do with my 2 apoitments i made last week. One is at 8:45am and the other is at 10am and then vince has therpy at 11:45am and vince has to be home. He said he would wait until i came home and go. I said ok good.
Now he told me he wanted to sleep in. So i said ok u want me to take the kids with me. He said no, feed them and let logan come in our room and put vince back to bed. I said but u will want to sleep til 9am and they have snack around 8:45am and go down for a morninf nap little after 9am. He said so skip nap for them and feed snack instead later. I said but vince will need his morning nap and snack as he has therpy and he wont get a nap til after that about 15mins after that.
So i said why dont i skip their snack and take them with me, that way vince gets a nap in the car at least. He said then he might as well go to work. But if i take the kids there is a chance i wont be able to get home before vinces therpy. So i dont know what to do

    Well i figured out how to make it all work.
    I got up, gave vince his bottle, showered, got breakfast together. Got haiden moving, checked on logan and he was still sleeping so i let him sleep, got vince some cherios, left the house at 7:35am with 2kids. I kept vince in his room with his toys and shut a gate. I came home and took vince out and let kids play.
    When i had to leave for my apoitments i put vince on his floor and shut the gate. Told logan to go by daddy and he put cartoons on. I told my husband to make sure kids are at least down for a morning nap by 9:30am and if i am not home by 11 to feed vince a bottle and baby food.
    I got home at 10:35am and fed vince a bottle, gave him his baby food, ans gave logan his cheeseburger.

    My husband left a little before 11am for work, i cleaned up and then therpist came.
    Now soon naptime
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