Sleep Paralysis

So ever since I had my son i have had this happen to me I go to sleep and I can't wake up it's not every night but at least once a month. I can hear things around me or sometimes I think I hear what's happening and it's not it was just in my dream. The first time it happen my son was only 4 days old and I thought I was dying in my sleep I couldn't move I tried screaming for help i tried to move every part of my body but nothing woke me up I heard my son crying and I fell off the couch to try to get to him after that everything went black I thought I was dead moments later I woke up gasping for air and I was still on the couch and my son was still sleeping. My dr said it's called paralysis it's were your body becomes paralyzed waking up. And can make you have vivid dreams. I was wondering if anyone else has this and if it gets better over time.

    Wow that must be scary!
    I can't imagine how that feels, if you panic does it get worse. Have you tried keeping water by you to splash yourself maybe something to help you snap out of it?
      I have experienced this and its scary. I also have sleep apnea and I can feel myself stop breathing in my sleep and I feel like I am going to suffocate. Its horrible.
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