Have any of you tried e-cigs? Did they work to help you quit?

    My Dad uses them. He has smoked since he was a teenager and now he's on oxygen full time and still smokes but the e-cigs have helped him cut way back from a pack or more a day to about a half a pack. He's only been using them for about a month.
      They do not work. And they are dangerous to have around children.
        My brother uses them all the time. He didn't use them to quit but his past girlfriends wouldn't tolerate actual cigarette smoke. My step dad used them for a long time, trying to quit, but he couldn't. He's back to regular cigarettes, but only allowed to do it outside and my mom still gets mad if she smells it. A few friends tried, too, but couldn't quit, so they just use the e-cigs constantly.
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