Angry outbursts in preteens, how to handle?

One of the biggest things I have struggled with in parenting my son is teaching him frustration tolerance. He gets to a point where he gets very angry and will do things like hit himself or yell. This reaction is common in aspie kids like him, but neuro typical children at this age often find themselves having angry outbursts too.

Therapy has taught us to look for signs that he is reaching that point of having a blow up. When you know they are working up to that point it is best to suggest a breather. Maybe they stop the activity if it is annoying them, or perhaps they try some deep breathing techniques. try to figure out how to bring them back down if you see them hitting the point of anger. Once you have taught them strategies like deep breathing or taking a time out for themselves step back and encourage them to do those things.

And remember, everyone has bad days where things just make us annoyed or mad. Don't expect perfection, our kiddos are human too.

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    As soon as I read the question the only thing that came to mind is that there should be some signals that the child is nearing an explosion and to look for them.

    Also, we all remember what it's like back then. Before we know what hormones were and all of these feelings would rush out of us and we just didn't understand them. I'm sure they're so difficult to handle, but if we can offer some understanding I think it would help.
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