One of those days..

Just having one of those kind of days when you feel under appreciated and over worked and exhausted.. I am ready to go home from work and curl up in a ball and not come out till morning (if only that could be true)

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      Aww hope you feel better. I get those days too. Its the worst feeling. Maybe try to think about the good things you have to come home to. It might help a little to think of the things that make you smile. I used to keep a stack of cards and letters people wrote me and I would read them when I was having a bad day and it used to make me smile. I also used to keep a stack of old pictures from my childhood and growing up in the same box. It would help me forget about whatever was bothering me. Sometimes when I am really frustrated with my kids it helps to go back and look at their old pictures and videos. It always makes me tear up but in a good way and then what ever was bothering me suddenly seems so silly.
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