would u sue for malpractice a doctor

a hospital dr had prescribed my baby 20 ml of ibuprofen every ,6 hrs I asked his pediatrician an he said that's for a 100 pound baby ....no....that is way too much for a 20 pound baby your over dosing him....luckily I didn't give him that but I still have the prescription with me...his pediatrician wanted to keep it.....would u sue the hospital doctor???

    I am glad that your doctor caught it and that you didn't give it to your baby.

    I don't think you can sue though. I think that you have to have actually damages to be able to sue. If you gave your baby the medication and your baby got sick/hurt then you could sue. I would probably call the hospital and file a report so they know what the doctor did wrong and hopefully prevent similar mistakes in the future.
      I would definitely bring it to the hospital boards attention and see how they deal with it. If they chose to ignore it and not discipline the doctor (something in his permanent record) then I would talk to a lawyer. If the lawyer feels you have a strong case I would go forward with suing.
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