What is something your child has done that made you laugh out loud?

Charlie makes me laugh every single day. Usually it's the faces he makes. I'll stand him up on my lap and he'll get this giant smile, and he'll walk toward me a little like Frankenstein and reach out and grab my face and do this open mouth something on my cheek. I'm thinking he wants to kiss me? I don't know but it makes me laugh all the time.

What about your kid(s)?

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      Aw, I miss those open mouth kisses! They were so sweet. :) Lately, when my daughter imitates the cat's rumbly meow, that's what makes me giggle.
        My daughter.. haha she would kill me if she knew I was sharing this.

        So she walked into my bedroom this afternoon in her t-shirt and presumably her underwear. She was pulling the tshirt down though, which was kinda odd because she usually walks around the house like this. Then she lifts up the shirt waist high and turns around to show me... her bra is wrapped around her body to where it looks like her butt cheeks are in the cups (and yes she had on underwear). I'm not gonna lie, it was pretty darn funny! That child can be so silly sometimes!
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