Things We didn't use for our new baby

We never used our swaddles. Jacob hated to be all wrapped up. Even in the hospital the nurses would wrap him up and he would cry but once it got loose he was happy. Still till this day he doesn't like to be wrapped up tight. He only likes a light blanket over his body.

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    We used the swaddle one time and felt like we had to move him around too much to get it right so we went with normal blankets to swaddle him.

    We haven't used any of the diaper rash ointment we received. A lot of my mommy friends say they never actually used the changing table because they would change baby wherever they were. I agree with that one, I just have little diaper stations around the house.
      Maddie fought her swaddles too, but we kept it up for about four months. I was glad to be rid of them!
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