Airplane horror story

With all of these travel posts coming up, I want to know about your worst flight story. Not so much the delays and cancellations, but actually on the plane itself. I'll start.

Last year me and Ed were flying back from Las Vegas. Since we didn't buy our tickets together we didn't sit next to each other (but thankfully the girl next to me switched with him so we could sit together).

So anyway, I was in the middle seat (ugh) and the guy next to me sitting by the window STUNK. I mean bad. Like the.. "I drank way too much last night, I'm still awake and haven't taken a shower" stink. It was so gross.

That was bad enough. Add to it the fact that as soon as the plane hit the runway he started vomiting and didn't get to the bag in time. So he had vomit on himself, vomit on the seat in front of him. He's lucky it didn't get on me.

The entire flight home, which thank goodness was only about an hour, he was vomiting and heaving. The flight was full so there was nowhere I could move to. It was so bad. So very bad.

Tell me your horror story!

    I don't have any horror stories, really. Flew back from Germany (8 hours) with a big guy thigh to thigh with me, but I'm a big lady, so it was also partially my fault. That's the worst for me.
      I got queasy just reading that!

      I have asthma and one of my triggers is really strong perfume. We were on a short commuter flight, small airplane. The people behind me had bathed in cologne which of course got my chest all tight and I felt like I was going to die. I ended up taking my jacket and putting it over my nose and mouth to try to filter the scent away from me. The poor stewardess kept looking at me like she was afraid I was going to vomit since I had my mouth covered. She would ask me if i was okay and I would thumbs up, there was no way I was moving my coat. Ugh, what a miserable flight.

      And if I didn't have a special hate for that cotton candy smelling perfume before I had it after that flight!
        I was flying from california back home to Oregon and all of a sudden we hit turbulence so bad that the flight attendant,who I can only assume was new, got so scared the other flight attendant grabbed her by her shoulder and sat her down. It woke the guy next to me up. Then something felt we were just sort of floating there. The guy next to me said "I think the engine is shot off" All the lights inside went off and it was so silent, then you heard the engine start and the plane lurch forward, lights came back on and we were good...for like 10 seconds. The same thing happened a bunch of times over the next 20 minutes. They never did day what was wrong but man was everyone on that plane shook up by the time we got off.
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