Tips for becoming a mom as an older woman

I am responding not as a first time mom but as a mom who had a child in my forties. My last full term pregnancy was the summer I turned 40. I was definitely more tired and with the extra weight my back hurt so much more. My iron was also low for the majority of the pregnancy, so all the way around I found it a rougher pregnancy.

I think my tips would be to acknowledge things will be different if you are having a child at an older age. Understand any limitations (physically or medically) you might have. I would also say to try and prepare to be as healthy and fit as you can before you get pregnant because it will benefit you in the long run. And don't forget about prenatal care. It's important.

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    My fiance's uncle just had a baby. Him and his fiance are in their 40's. She had no idea she was even pregnant until she was 35 weeks. She was on the depot shot and didn't get her period normally so she didn't think twice about anything. Its crazy but now they have a beautiful baby girl.
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