Mom, when do you feel like you've gone crazy

I feel like I've gone crazy when everyone is having an "off" day and not getting along. For some reason the contention and discord get to me, as it probably does most moms.

Other times it's when things are very loud and I am trying to think, I just have to declare a quiet time so I can hear myself think.

What makes you feel like you've gone crazy?

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
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    Your not alone for sure! I have a daughter who is singing in a 5 girl group and sometimes all parents and all girls have an "off" day. Sometimes the late night rehearsals make me crazy lol. But then I look at my daughter and realize this is her dream. I say to myself I need to support her and just let it go and find happiness in the things that make me crazy because this is not just about me its about her too :)
      Every day. lol. Just tantrums and kids getting in trouble.
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