Did your senior class play a prank?

Ours didn't, not that I recall. I know seniors in a county close to us took the school mascot and put it on the roof, which at the time was pretty funny to all of us stupid teenagers. And that's the point, right? You're having a last hurrah at being a stupid teenager.

Well, one judge didn't think so. Seniors at a local high school trashed the school and now face felonies. I didn't see the damage so I have no idea truly how extensive it was. That said, yes there should be a punishment, but felonies?

Read the news link and let me know what you think. Gross over reaction or justified cause?


    8Theresa Gould
    No, I don't think our class ever did. Now senior year at bible school is a different story. We had what was called a senior sneak where the seniors were given permission to plan a weekend away but leave unexpectedly, thus the "sneak". During our sneak we played a prank on one of our fellow classmates. It was hilarious! :) We stole her away in the night for donuts and coffee!
      Ours had something to do with dumping trashcans full of bouncy balls down the steps. I don't know. It was something stupid. But the year before that they let live chickens and mice loose in the school. I could see why this would be a concern.
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