OK Florida Mommas!

Another question here from a Hoosier lol!

I've stated before that I plan on moving to Florida, but next year I'm wanting to do a preliminary observation of a few areas before I make the big move.

My question is this: when should I take a "vacation" to Florida? I know there are "seasons" in which it is busier. Do any of you know about when it's the busiest and what months I should avoid? It's going to be kind of a vacation but mostly just looking around, getting a feel for different places and doing some research. I'll be starting in the Kissimmee area and moving west. I'll be there for about a week.

I'm trying to avoid busy seasons lol.

    8Theresa Gould
    I lived in Kissimmee for four months and hubby did for nearly a year. He says winter and spring break are busy times in Florida.
      Don't move to Pensacola. We lived there for 6 months and my husband a little longer with the Base. It's not a good area. There are tons of homeless people, sketchy businesses that people are warned away from, and police sirens can be heard about 4 times a day. Even in the slightly nicer areas, it wasn't all that great. We moved there from Saint Peters, MO which was 800 times nicer, and it's not even an amazing place. Spring Break was busy, with all sorts of people passing through the area, but winter was slow. Note, though! Floridians don't know how to handle snow. We had a fake dusting of snow and there was panic. People bought out the stores, everything closed, and they somehow made the roads worse trying to clear what was a barely visible layer.
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