Your parental rights end at the door, sorry.

I was reading this story about a parent that was upset about a notice that a nurse would have a private consultation with her daughter. As the patient, the daughter had to agree to disclosing any information and it enraged the mother, apparently. There's been back and forth between the mom and the hospital over the situation.

Now, I'm interested in the age range this would encompass. My ten year old should not be able to exempt me from his records, I think anyone would agree with that. But my 16 year old? Or like this article, the patient was 17? I don't love it but I can see why it is done, from the medical standpoint.


    8Theresa Gould
    As long as it is a minor, parents should not be excluded. We are financially responsible for them, their bill, etc. so no. After 18 it is a different story, but even then I would have allowed my mother access because she and my dad helped me with half of my college tuition for my first two years.
      There were private conversations that I had with my doctor that my parents weren't aware of. Unless it was cause for concern. My parents totally trusted her though since we grew up with her and her colleges as our doctors.
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