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I have had three home births. My first five were in the hospital and after a loss at 18 weeks, my husband and I were ready for a home birth experience.

It was hard to find a midwife here in Illinois as Illinois is not very midwife friendly. We interviewed a couple of midwives and we ended up going with one a friend from church recommended. She was just what we needed. She is very laid back, but knowledgeable and experienced. She allowed me to labor the way I wanted to.

With my first home birth, I was a nervous wreck for the first 20 weeks. I did go see our family doctor to hear baby's heartbeat at the 18 week mark before I saw our midwife and then I started seeing her after that.

I had a normal pregnancy. No complications. I'd have to look at my pregnancy journal but I think my labor started and because my fifth came so fast, our midwife came to our home at about 11pm. I desired quiet and she left our bedroom to wait outside. I labored on my knees beside our bed. My husband supplied me with a cold face cloth for my forehead and the back of my neck. I had to shush him because I wanted quiet when he tried to talk to me. I labored like that and started to get grunty as I moved into transition, that's when my midwife started talking through the door and wanted to check me. She checked me, can't remember where I was but I didn't push for very long before our fourth daughter was born at about 1:30am, just a couple of hours after our midwives arrival.

Pretty straight forward labor and delivery. I do remember our daughter not responding right away and our midwife had me talk to her and then as I spoke to her she was fine, but I was starting to freak a bit because I was worried I'd have a stillbirth since I'd experienced pretty much everything but a stillbirth and ectopic pregnancy. Thankfully she was fine. She weighed 9 lbs 8 oz.

I enjoyed showering right away with my husband's help, in my own bathroom. Then they tucked me in to start nursing baby girl. By 4:30am I think little people started hearing sounds so our oldest met her baby sister first, then everyone else.

It was a wonderful experience.

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    Yes, but it was the middle of the night and I'm not real loud until I get to the pushing part, so they all slept through home birth one and two. Home birth three was all day so Grandma took them outside, to the park, etc.
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