Article: Stay-at-Home Moms on the Rise in the US

I always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. My husband and I discussed this before we were married and agreed I would work until we had children. I worked up until I was 6 months pregnant with our first before I quit. The agreement was I had to save to pay for medical insurance or the birth, which I did. We had great insurance at the time, as we did with all our hospital births, thankfully.

So my decision was a based on personal preference. My mom and grandmother were both stay-at-home moms. My mom didn't start working until my dad started his own business, even then my mom was pretty much at home every day we got home from school and saw us off.

The article below is about a study done that shows there is an increase in the number of stay-at-home moms. It says it is probably because of economic factors.

What do you think? Why is the number of stay-at-home moms rising? Why do/did you choose to stay-at-home?…

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    It's funny, I never thought I would want to be a stay at home mom. I loved working! But then I had my daughter...

    I have been a work out of home mom for most of my children's lives. Yes at times I held a "brick and mortar" position too but for the larger portion I have been working from home. I did this because I wanted to be the one seeing them off to school and here when they got home. I wanted to not have to worry about being home with them when they were sick, I just can and don't have to worry about losing my job. And honestly, a huge part of it was that childcare is incredibly expensive.

    There were a lot of factors, honestly. those were the biggest ones for me though.
      I never thought I'd be a stay at home mom...after we had decided to keep our unexpected baby, Trevor made the decision to go into the military. He had already been toying with the idea of going into the air force, but when we found out i was 6 months along, he kicked it into over drive and talked to the navy recruiter, since he could get into the navy like 4 times faster than the air force. I told him he didn't have to do that, but he didn't want us to both be working constantly while one of our parents babysat nina, or us paying for a babysitter just to get by. He wanted one of us at least to always be there so we wouldn't miss anything...not crawling, steps, sounds, etc. So he asked me to stay home with the baby while he worked, and he spent days trying to convince me until I gave in. I don't regret it, but sometimes I wish there had been a better solution than the navy. True, he wants to switch to the Air Force once this enlistment is over, but that's not for 3-4 more years.
        Thanks for sharing this article Theresa.. I agree that I think it's because of the economy.. it's insane to send a child to daycare.. but for me.. I knew I wanted to be a stay at home looooong ago.. and now I have the best of both worlds, doing work I love and staying at home! For me.. er, us.. my Husband and I knew we wanted our kids growing up at home when they were little.. with me, and if we could make it happen.. we would.. soooo we do :) And I love it!
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