Have any of you woken up, got everything ready for the day, and realized your hubby or bf was in a bad mood?? Then when you ask whats wrong they say nothing?? SOO annoying this morning my bf was in a horrible mood, dropped me and my daughter off at my work and sped off. I hate when he is mad and wont talk to me. Just puts me in a bad mood.

what to do....

    Sometimes my fiance just wakes up with a bad attitude. Usually he will call me later and either apologize or just call to "see how we were all doing." aka trying to be nice to make up for being mean earlier. Or sometimes I'll just send him a text at some point about something random or just to say I love you and he responds or calls me to talk about what ever I text him about. Our little spats are usually passive aggressive and over and forgotten pretty quickly.
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