Here is my situation:

Brandy& Melissa, this is my situation:

-- We (the father of the child and I) aren't married. Things that involve domestic violence have happened, so I decided that it was for the best that I pack my stuff and leave with my son. The father has anger issues, it seems. He is very abusive towards me, and says inappropriate things in front of our child (and our child is at a stage where mimicking is all he does). When I do point out that he can't be "cussing" in front of our child, he becomes violent towards me, and actually tries to teach our child to disrespect me by calling me names, etc. The point is, he is violent. I also have learned recently that he was involved in some child porn stuff, and that he is to complete a psycho-sexual evaluation-- because he receives supervised visits with his other 2 children-- to be granded unsupervised ones. When I would periodically leave our son with him to go to school or run errands, I'd come back to our son wearing the same diaper he was wearing in the morning or before I've left. He is lazy, and does not know how to properly take care of our son. He leaves hazardous items all over, and I just can't go on like this. The safety of my child first. I can't allow overnights nor unsupervised visits, because his misconduct will likely continue to the detriment of our child.

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      Is he on the birth certificate? If not, don't out him on and you don't have to allow visitation at all. Normally that's not something I would recommend, but in THIS situation you need to keep your baby safe.

      Was the domestic abuse ever documented by a law enforcement person? Doctor? Anything you have that can show a pattern of this behavior?

      Do you have anything through the courts stating who has custody?

      If I understand correctly you don't live together now, right? If you do would you like resources on how to get out of the situation?
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