Mom Tot dance & play

I was all excited to finally feel well enough to start the Mom Tot dance & play class today! I was up early, got Aly all ready & went over only to find doors locked & know one around :-/
I waited around just in case but after a while & Aly getting impatient I went back home. After calling a couple time finally someone answered after 10:00 & said that the class had been put on hold a couple months ago & will restart in the fall. After listening to the woman give me several excuses as to why it was canceled I simply said "Well maybe you should update your website so people don't waste their time, esp when small children are involved."
I was very aggravated & disappointed & I'm not yet sure if I'll go there in the fall. I'm looking for other dance studios in the area that might offer stuff for Aly's age.

    Actually anything I have found at the YMCA is more expensive. I looked into them for gymnastics but you have to pay for a membership plus the classes. It was hard but I did find a dance studio that has things for Aly's age but requires leotards & ballet shoes which the other place didn't until she got older. I don't care so much except I'm really going to need to search for shoes because her feet are tiny & still a size #2!!! I'm pretty darn sure I won't find them that small. I can prob get her into a size 3 & hopefully just tie them tight, but I don't know if I'll find that size either. So I'm going to talk to the studio tomorrow & see what they say & maybe start her in classes Saturday. I also found a gymnastics center we might try but only has classes until the end of June & then stops until the fall. I figure something is better then nothing. Plus that is up to 3 times a week.
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