Coming home outfit

Okay ladies I have been stressing about the littlest things when it comes to my princesses arrival, and one of them is her coming home outfit! I am due august 20th. Around that time it is still hot outside... I was thinking maybe a long sleeve onsie and a pair of pants with socks mits and a hat.... But also maybe packing a shortsleeve onsie?? I don't want her to over heat and the drive from the hospital is maybe 10 mins.. The house can be cool or hot depending on the day... I just want everything to be perfect

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      Do layers. Don't put her in anything too fluffy or the car seat straps will go buggy and not fit right. It was December when we were in the hospital so I knew there was no chance of it being warm. I did a onesie with a fleece footie pajama. Keep it simple, you'll just be getting home and trust us, you won't want to deal with getting all those clothes off if you have to stop to change a diaper.
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