Gotta love old cars.....

Oh. My van. My hand-me-down van. I always thought it sucked being the youngest because I ended up with all the hand-me-downs. and I do mean ALL.. Cars included.. I'm driving my brother's old van.. The AC is throwing hissy fits, so have to add freeon (easy fix at least).. I killed a bird-the stupid thing didn't move! It was rainy so I didn't want to swerve and risk hydro-planing on bald tires.. So I killed it. One less mourning dove. Well I think it knocked something loose.. I sent pictures to my dad and brother-they are both stumped... But I DO know nothing is leaking and the motor doesn't sound different, so must not be too important. :D

5Tabitha Salem, South Dakota
...the antenna fell off.. All we have is an MP3 player connected with one of those cassette tapes that hooks into the headphone plug.. which reminds me.. my MP3 player battery died today.
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