I feel like a terrible mom, I went to books and babies at the library and Gabriel wanted everything to do with everyone but me. Then i left early because i could not stand being around those people any more, they let their children take things right out of his hand and they didnt say anything and then Gabriel tossed something down then was bending down to pick it back up and a MOM took it away from him, SERIOUSLY? WTF you have no right to do that, he didnt throw it at you or your child, but you cant bring your self to get on your child for taking thiings right out of his hands! What am i supposed to do??? I want him to have socialisation and i want to be a part of that socialisation but i dont want to be around and i dont want him to be around people and children like that, he is going to learn bad habits and i dont want him to be like those kids but i feel like if i teach him manners and to be polite the other kids whose parents were too lazy to teach them manners are going to take advantage of him, I just want to meet some moms who have values at least similar to mine, but no matter where i go i just cant find them, i dont understand, i dont have high expectations, i just want to be around polite people, and i dont want to be forced to go to church to find those people, i understand that is probably the best place to find those people but i have tried church and church and I don't mesh well. I just dont know what to do. I feel like if this keeps going on i am not going to be able to handle it anymore and i am just going to break down and not be able to function any more.

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