No Matter What

I love the Peoples Court. I'm guilty (get it? guilty? haha)

So here's today's case.

A guy who is in the process of purchasing a home goes to check things out one day and notices that the back door is open. He goes in and hears giggling upstairs. Finds 2 13-year-olds flinging paint all over the place. The family of one of the girls pays him $1800 in damages. The other family is here in court because they didn't feel their daughter was "as responsible" as the other girl. At one point while talking to the plaintiff, the mother of the defendant is laughing and pretty much not making a big deal about this.Says that her daughter is an A-student and she's never had an issue, she has been reprimanded.

I've seen a few posts today about accountability. Here's what scares me. Moms that are there for their children "no matter what". I have seen too many of my friends let their kids pretty much be complete eh ahems, because they will support their children "no matter what".

I think that "no matter what" can become this woman in court overnight. Simply, "Mom, she started it!" can turn into visiting your kid in jail before you know it.

Fess up ladies. Do you make excuses for your kids?

    It really depends on what they have done. I will make excuses for age appropriate behavior, but things that they should know better about or times where their actions hurt others (or have the potential to) I don't make excuses for them at all.
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