My baby sneezes a lot, is this normal?

From the day Charlie was born he's been a sneezer. Even in the hospital he was a sneezer. At his first few appointments I asked his pediatrician if it was something environmental. He said babies aren't affected by the environment that early and not to worry about it. Of course we're talking 2 sneezes every few hour or so. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Of course if you're concerned you should always get advice from your physician.

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    Avery gets sneezy at times, but it's usually only bad for a week or two. It's been on and off like that since she was born. We were told the same thing by our doctor though. That babies are too young to be affected by the environment. That sounds like crap to me though. I mean, if babies aren't affected by their environment why do we work so hard to keep them away from smoke, germs, sun, and dirt? I think they say that just because there aren't' any medications you can prescribe for a baby that young anyway...
      Mason used to sneeze a TON. He was very congested as a baby. My doctors told me that c-section babies are more likely to sneeze in the beginning because the mucous isn't squished out of their nasal passage as they pass through the birth canal (since they don't pass through the birth canal!)
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        I remember my babies sneezing but not so much that it concerned me. It is a natural bodily function so I guess I never really thought about it.
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