Working & Earning

I love this article. The author chronicles her daughter getting a crack in her phone screen and everything that happens afterwards in an attempt to teach her how to work and earn to get it fixed. She also mentions that her other child is more responsible financially, even at a young age.

Do you find that your older kids deal with money differently?

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      We have already started teaching Mason about money. A little over a year ago he saw a Nintendo DS in the store and wanted it SO badly. We told him that he had to save up for it. We helped him come up with chores to do, we bought him donuts to sell at church, and we would offer rewards for good behavior. He saved up around $40 (which is a lot for a then 3 year old!) over the course of about 6 months. 2 days before Hayden's scheduled c-section we counted up his money and told him that it was enough for his DS. He has never been so excited about a trip to the store. It was a great experience for him, and now he is saving again for a new game.
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        Our older girls are pretty good with money for the most part. They still have a lot to learn though.
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