Gearing up to wean

I did it. I made it the whole year breastfeeding. Tomorrow Avery turns one (AHHH!) and weaning begins. I'm really excited to have my body belong to me again, a little nostalgic about my little girl growing up, and a little lost trying to imagine my life without having to work around the nursing schedule. Since we're planning on trying to get pregnant in about a year (AHHH again) I feel like I need this next year to have my body to myself before it belongs to our next baby again. Plus Avery is doing great with eating a variety of solids and drinking lots of water. I'm not worried about her nutrition.

So here's my plan:

June 6-13: 4 Nursings per day. 1/2cup whole milk with dinner.
June 14-21: 3 Nursings per day. 1/2cup whole milk with lunch and dinner
June 22-29: 2 Nursings per day. 1/2 cup whole milk with lunch, dinner & snack.
June 29-July 6: 1 Nursing before bed. 2 cups whole milk total, spaced throughout the day.
July 7th: NO NURSING, maybe just a small glass of milk before bed if she protests.

What do you think? Any suggestions?

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    Good luck!!! I don't have any good suggestions - my attempts to wean Audrey failed miserably, and I'm not ready to wean Hayden just yet
      8Theresa Gould
      Sounds like a plan. I never really had a set plan to wean my first two it kind of happened as I introduced solids and they were eating more. Both were weaned at 11 months and 12 months respectively. Good luck!
        hi Taylor how did This work for you? Anything you learned that would be helpful to know? My daughter is 10 months so we still have 2 months to go. I work full time outside of the home and pump 3 times a day and plan to drop one to 2 a day when she is 11 months. I have a freezer stash to use. I am not sure if we would send her with whole milk to daycare for one of her three bottles? I plan to continue morning and bedtime nursing for awhile. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
        It went great! She didn't hardly notice when I pulled a feeding. The hardest one was when we took away the very last nursing, which was her bedtime one. It threw her off her bedtime routine so she was hard to get to sleep. That was also the only time I got sore, and after a week or so I felt better.

        Every time I dropped a nursing I added a half cup of whole milk somewhere throughout the day. We gave it to her in a straw cup though, not a bottle. We we're weaning her of bottles too.

        Good luck and PM me if you want to talk :)
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