Measuring a toddler's temperature

I usually go for under the arm. Mason is now old enough that he can understand to keep it under his tongue and keep his mouth closed, but the other two aren't quite old enough yet. When measuring temperature under the arm, I usually add .5 degrees to the reading as I have found it's not entirely accurate on our thermometer.

I've seen stickers that you can put on a toddlers head for up to 24 hours for a constant temperature reading. Seem cool, but they weren't cheap and I feel like my kids would pull them off.

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    8Theresa Gould
    Yeah, ear or under the arm here too.
      I use an under the tongue one now but for years we used the ear one.

      It was funny, I had to explain to the kids one day how tiny babies have their temperature taken rectally (don't remember how it came up) and they both looked at me in horror. And then Bub pipes up with "You never did that to me, did you?"

      HAHAHA, no I don't think so. I had to laugh at him though, he looked so grossed out at the thought.
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