Mild 5 Second Rant

Done, done, just done with this right now.
Nina's growing in two new teeth and is acting like the world is ending. Orajel helps...if you can manage to get it on! She refuses to eat, only taking milk or water or juice, and occasionally baby food. Otherwise she throws it all and has a tantrum while drooling because her teeth hurt. She doesn't want her cold pacifiers or teether, but would rather chew on my books or my leg or her crib (the top of it is chewed all to hell). I will not hold her every second of every day just because she's teething. My husband is leaving on Tuesday for sea duty and so his last few days here are filled with Nina's drool and crying and my irritation. The neighbor's kids are constantly outside our patio door, screaming and playing and fighting and Im about ready to take their basketballs away and throw it at them or punt it across the complex. Can't they all just go to summerschool or something? Can nina's teeth please grow in painlessly? Can my husband not leave for more than half a year? can my teeth please not break from a depo shot I took months ago? I looked more up about it, it's a very common problem that no one is ever warned about fully and can take longer than THREE YEARS to stop the bone weakness...can't tell "lady times" are on their way, can you?

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    Teething is SO HARD to deal with. That piled on top of the other things you are dealing with... rant away mama!!
      8Theresa Gould
      Sounds like you are having a rough day. We all have them. I hope you can enjoy your last few days with your husband in spite of Nina's teething and everything else.
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