Now that my baby girl is eating solids,I feel like I'm feeding her all day.

Well,when she turned 6 months her Dr said to introduced her to food,and always after her bottle,between milk and food I feel like Im feeding her all day;we went last week to her 9 months check up and dr said she can eat what we have just mash it very well.We got the 2d stage food and she hated it,she is waking up around midnight to eat,I think she is going hungry and feel so bad for her.I used the bullet to mash her food I thought could be the texture,but I think is the flavors she doesn't like.My husband said we'll keep trying with different brands,and I don't agree,she should eat what she likes,she loves all the flavors from the 1rst stage baby food.

What do you think?

    8Theresa Gould
    Have you tried mixing a little bit of a first stage with a second stage at the tip of the spoon to see if she'll eat it that way? That's what I did with mine when they were not taking to a certain food. It usually worked.
      I've always heard that until they turn 1 any solid foods you give them is just for fun. They get all the nutrition they need from the breastmilk/formula you should still be giving. I don't know that she's going hungry - the first year is full of tons of changes and any/all of them can change the way the baby sleeps. She may be waking at night because she is getting ready to hit a new milestone or she may be teething. Don't worry too much about how much baby food she is eating, but keep offering it!