How to know I'm ready to have a third child

As cliche as it sounds, you'll just know. You will either want another child or you won't, and your significant other will either agree or they won't. And sometimes just when we think we can't or don't want another child, it happens anyways. Then the decision is made for us. :)

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    Totally agree with all of this!! We decided we were ready, and found out a week later i was pregnant... the decision was already made for us, and we had no idea!
    8Theresa Gould
    I think it depends on you and your preferences. Some want to have their child to themselves and get past certain stages (like potty training, toddlerhood) before they have another child. Others want their children close together so they are playmates and friends.

    Personally, as much work as it was to have children close together when they were little, it is so nice that they are each other's playmates. I love the closeness they have now.
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