How to treat severe dry skin

We usually try to be sure we are hydrated, especially in the winter. We use hand lotion. We also limit how much we wash dishes. Since we have been using goat milk soap, the severe dry skin we use to experience doesn't seem to occur as often.

What do you do?

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
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    Trying to stay hydrated is a big one for me. In the winter months when it gets really bad, I will put on lotion underneath gloves or socks to try to keep any of the moisture from escaping into the air instead of seeping into my skin :)
    8Theresa Gould
    The goat milk is very close to the ph as our skin and is very moisturizing. We've loved it since we started using it. Thus another reason we own goats!
      This sounds weird but I use vasoline. Especially when I am sick and my nose and face gets really chapped. I slather it on before I go to bed and it helps so much. Just feels really gross. Its a great idea with any kind of moisturizer to put it on before bed so it soaks up over night. I also had burts bees foot cream that you rub on and then put your socks on before you go to bed and it helps keep them smooth and soft.
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