Who was your worst boss ever?

We've all had a boss that made us want to lose our minds, right? My current boss is wonderful, but I had a boss that would scream at employees. Oh, and she was openly discriminatory towards athiests, gay people and feminists. I don't know how she hasn't been sued yet to be honest, it's probably only a matter of time. She once screamed at one of the workers little kids (sometimes we would bring out kids in) for making a mess and not jumping when she said jump to clean it up. Sigh, she was an interesting one.

How about you, any crazy boss stories?

    8Theresa Gould
    For the most part I've had good bosses, but one time when I was a part of a team it ended poorly. The lady deleted all my accounts, links and bleeped me out of existence before I could even make sure I got everything (invoices and what not). It was all because of several small miscommunications that lead to the demise of the relationship. Since I knew it was the end, I was blatantly honest with her because I thought she needed to know, which I think offended her and she went ballistic.
      My first job was as a waitress at Steak n Shake...my old boss there was great. He made sure we all did our jobs, made sure the customers knew when they were wrong but that we knew if we were, and he made things happen. When he retired, I had been given the breakfast shift solely to myself and the line cook at that time of day. I ran drive thru and the diner, I had many regulars, and all was well. Well, the regional manager had retired at the same time as our store GM, so they hired a new one (he was not good at it), and he hired our new store GM...we clashed immediately. She talked to everyone in a tone of voice that you would use when speaking to a particularly slow kindergartener, and it was insulting. She treated everyone as if they misunderstood everything she ever said. She claimed she was too busy to help when the restaurant got crazy busy at times but all she as doing was her makeup or being on facebook on her phone in the back room. She messed up inventory, so I had to take over that, too. She messed up shifts, scheduled people for days they absolutely could not come in and never had been able to come in on. She threatened to fire me because I requested a day off for my grandma's funeral that was being held five minutes away. She came in late every day, yelled at customers and messed up at drive-thru constantly. She kept scheduling servers at the wrong time, and the line workers, too, so we either had too many or too little or the wrong people for the wrong shifts. She argued with the Trainers, both of whom had worked there for 20+ years.

      After months of this, and being tired that all of the complaints hung on our board were about her, she started trying to change things by sucking up to us. Compliments on silly things like our hair, or talking in a way-too-sweet voice, but the screw ups continued. The new regional manager refused to fire and replace her because hiring her had been his first move in his new job and it would look really bad if he fired her only months later. It never got better.

      The last straw for many of us was on one of my breakfast shifts. She screwed up the schedule, again...we had 5 cooks, 4 waiters, and the dishes kid all on for what was always covered by just me and one line cook. Then she yelled at us for somehow messing up until we showed her the schedule. Then she said she'd go in back and decide who would go home...2 hours go by. My usual church crowd comes and goes. She still hasn't made a decision, and then comes out and says she has to run back home really quick and refused to answer when we asked what we should do when she yelled at us about there being too many employees on shift right then for pay, so she demanded that by the time she get back, most of us except one server and one cook should be off the clock, but still working the shift. Imagine how that went. Fun, right? After her car left, I clocked out and said I'd had it, I was quitting. Everyone else looked at me, and they all clocked out, several others quit, too, and every single one of us left the building to go home. Oh, the stories I heard about the calls she had to make after realizing what had happened. We had no customers left when we had left the building, so when she got back, there was an overload of angry customers waiting to be seated, greeted, ANYTHING only to find there was no one in the building. When the regional manager called us days later to see what had happened, we all told him. He still refused to replace her, so we refused to come back.

      I got my new job at Subway that same morning, still in my steak n shake uniform, after having an on the spot interview, lol. The manager and employees there thought the enitire situation was hilarious.
        My last boss. He was so mean and horrible to his employees. He had a Napoleon complex and also looked down on women. I was pregnant with all of my kids when I worked there. He didn't like kids and had no problem letting me know he wasn't happy about me being pregnant. When I was pregnant with my 18mth old he was joking about me being pregnant and picked up and blender in the kitchen told me this was always an option (suggesting I could have an abortion). The worst part is that I had a miscarriage about 2 years before that while I was working there. He knew about it and that I was devastated about losing the baby. So the fact that he would say something like that and on top of the fact that I had lost a baby before was so f'ed up. My father in law works for the same company and of course tore my boss a new one over it and my bosses response was "It was a joke. She needs to get a sense of humor." and I don't know what my father in law said after that. All I know is that my boss the next day told me that they loved their preggo and we were like family and wouldn't want anything bad to happen to me or the baby. My father in law told me he "'Nicely' told my boss to leave me the f*** alone." Then when I was pregnant with my son I got "fired" for something really stupid and it didn't make any sense since I worked there for 5 years and it was a really small really stupid excuse. I later found out from other coworkers that it was because I was pregnant and he knew about some of the problems that me and my fiance were having at the time. He had the nerve to tell my fiance that he "was a better man than him for being with a girl like me." I sincerely hope he dies a horrible painful death. And I would not say that about anyone literally. Except him.
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