Home Birth Story #2 - Unassisted

With my second home birth, I knew I was in labor at about dinner time the night before. I told my husband my contractions were pretty steady and I thought baby would come that night. We were not ready. It was two weeks before baby was due and we didn't even have diapers in the house for an infant! Hubby had to run out for a few supplies. I know I showered and who knows what else I did. I just remember feeling like my house was a wreck....I called my midwife but for some reason she seemed to think I had time, since with my daughter she was here for a couple of hours before baby came. Wellllll.....that was not the case. I labored as I did with our first homebirth....Kneeling at the side of our bed with hubby supplying me with cold wash cloths and whistling through contractions. When I hit transition i told hubby that I thought he was going to have to catch the baby. He was like, "What?" And quickly went to the window to see if the midwife had arrive yet. My declaration made him one nervous man! I told him again that he needed to catch the baby. He was like, "Ok, what do I do?" I'm like, "Catch the baby!" For some reason he grabbed a towel (maybe so baby wouldn't slip out of his hands and the towel would give him a better grip??) and as I pushed baby out, hubby caught him. Helped me stand up and then I held baby. As I was crooning over baby....his umbilical cord was short, so as I was standing there I couldn't even lift baby up to my chest because the cord wouldn't allow me to. Then hubby heard a car and our midwife was there, just five minutes late. She had got stopped for speeding! Something out of a movie! We still chuckle about it when we tell this birth story! Baby boy weighed about 7 lbs 12 oz, my smallest baby. He was also my second baldy. No hair, just peach fuzz!

I had always wished for an unassisted birth but don't think hubby would ever have agreed to it on his own. So this happening unexpectedly gave me my secret wish and I was very pleased with the outcome!

Another successful, peaceful and wonderful home birth.

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
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    You are a braver woman than I. This is amazing! I always thought it would be an amazing experience to deliver at home. I kind of always wanted to try a water birth but I was so afraid. Mostly that something would go wrong with the baby and then we wouldn't be in a hospital to get immediate attention.
    8Theresa Gould
    I think an important factor was I was ready. I really wasn't nervous about giving birth at home because all my other births happened without mishap. So the odds were for me. Not that something couldn't or wouldn't have but I was ready and at peace with whatever happened.
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