Article: Sexualized Dolls and Deceptive Ads Spur Mom to Make a Change

I have always had issues with my weight and it's been a big self-esteem factor in my life. I was not only teased for my weight in elementary school but adults in my life (not my parents or teachers!) were not wise with their words either. That life long struggle made me determined to shelter my girls for as long as I could....I wasn't successful once TV and internet were introduced in our daughter's lives. Unfortunately, the "not good enough" mentality made a sneak attack and is really affecting one daughter more than the others right now. It has been a struggle to help her see herself as we see her or as she should see herself.

Anyhoo, the article below is about a mom who recognized the deceptiveness of ads and the sexualization of dolls and did something about it. I love what she's done in creating sports dolls, as well as her upcoming books to go with the dolls.

The statistics she lists are sad, they really are. :(

What are your thoughts about the sexualization of dolls and the deceptiveness of ads? I like that they are allowing more natural looking women on the covers of magazines and ads now but the change is slow in coming, don't you think?…

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    It makes me so sad to hear young ladies talk about things like having a thigh gap. I asked my daughter if this was a real thing and she laughed and replied "Oh yeah."

    It's crazy though when you see these already beautiful models on covers of magazines and then see the before/after photoshop pics. It is just so dumb.

    Wanna know another thing that drives me nuts? I am a bigger lady so I shop in the plus size area. If I look online at plus sized clothes half of the time the models are not plus sized. Why? I need to have an idea how the clothing might look on MY body type. (shrug)
      I think its awful that this world makes us feel terrible and self conscious about the way we look. Like we aren't "perfect" when the truth is neither are these girls we see in magazines. We are all chasing the dream body that doesn't exist instead of loving ourselves for who we are. :(
        Melissa Middleton
        Grades 1-3? Seriously? A lot has changed since I was a little girl.
        I have older nieces that believe they need to look and act a certain way to be considered beautiful and attractive, even though I tell them they are perfect the way they are. I hope my step-daughter grows up feeling confident about herself.…

        Johnny Diaz' song, "More Beautiful You" is an excellent message to women young and old.
          i think nobody is perfect than the other no matter how you look, it depends the way you see yourself and present yourself. we are all created by the image of God. please! let us love our-self the way we are and appreciate our-self also. never give attention to what people say about our appearance. if they have anything to say, they should say it to our maker (God). i love myself and nobody can change that
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