Who does your child act most like?

My kids have such different personalities. My daughter is very much like me and my son is very much like his dad. Some of the things that they do make me realize that certain behaviors MUST be genetic, haha.

For instance, my son sleeps with everything covered up but his feet. His dad used to do the same thing! I truly wonder how they don't suffocate, just thinking about it makes me feel claustrophobic.

What about your children? Do they act more like you or their dad? Or do you see a mix?

    My oldest is definitely like me when I was little. My middle child is like both of us. And my son is still too little to tell. He's silly and fun though. :) Actually they all are silly and fun.
      Jeanette sumner
      My abby is acts like a teenager right now who has asbugers , My Ashelee is a little sweet heart . My charlie James he is a mommy's boy but he is all so very much a boy he loves to run a run and hang out with his friends.
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