life is hard!

i hardly ever feel sad or post i am sad or even tell people i am sad. but right now i feel like a failure. all my "friends" are too busy to answer my messages. my husband is at work so i have my daughter here.i dont like crying in front of her but life is so hard. idk what to do now. i love my family but i feel like i am failing. im in need of a miracle

    i do dont get me wrong i love my family and love my daughter. i just feel like people arent there for me like they use to.or said they were. before i had my daughter i worked full time and made good money. now i work 2 days and have a business i might not do anymore. i just want to provide my daughter. i have invested into my business and made nothing! i just want to provide for my daughter. i feel like i failed her
      i have no one here to come over and talk to me. i called my mom but she was too busy. i hate going to people for help. all i want to know that things will be okay but i have no one. ever since i started my business people stopped talking to me. not even my mentors in my business even care to ask if i am okay. i dont want anyone to feel bad for me. my daughter was such a blessing i just wish i could provide for her.
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      Hi my name is Victoria and i am a stay home mama/wife. I love being at home with my princess and love that i can stay home and make money too! so if anyone wants to know more about what i do check my website.