The slender man

my daughter looked up slender man online and found out that it was made up by some guy in 2009 but she did not believe it so she did some more researching and found out that if the slender man is real he has been haunting people for centuries silence the early 1500's go figure but the slender man is a tall guy in a suit with arms reaching to the floor and white skin and a white face with no facial features on it and he is a thing where he chooses who sees him and if he gets the chance eats children and abducts them and no person knows where he takes them it could be a different dimension or a secret location if you want to know what he looks like or want to know more about him go to Google Images and type in slender man or go to You Tube and type in slender man sightings or slender man

    very creepy and did try to keep kids off it as they jumped when they played it :)
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