I am not totally against it but I prefer to give my son a real school environment.Every kid learns how to live through the things they have inside our respected home but we give them education for them to know how to blend with the people because someday they will be exposed and grow to the world outside our houses.I want my son to be oriented how people differs and whatever learning he will get ( or each child gets) well then that's when good parents will do their role of guidance.

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    8Theresa Gould
    As a homeschooling mom, I don't think my children need the public school exposure to know how interact with people since we have been active in volunteering, going to church, attending events and having our own business which requires going to trade shows.

    For example, we went to the library the other day and I had to go back in to check out a book we forgot and the librarian complimented me on how well behaved our children were. I had seven of our eight. The older girls had checked out ahead of the younger ones and I (interacting with the librarian) and the rest were with me. I think learning to interact with people begins at home and then you transfer that outside the home as practice.
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