wits end

what do you do when your child completely ignores your requests and discipline? long/short of my inquiry is the result of my 2.5 yr old resisting bed for 2.5 hours. we can't close him in his room because he freaks out. We can't close our door because he does the same AND we don't want him roaming around the house. We tried everything...being nice and cuddly, stern, angry, ignoring, taking toys away, and nothing works. I'm so frustrated. :(

    You know your kid the best. For our family, we lay with our big kids in their bed (they share a bed right now because they asked to) until they fall asleep and then we get up again. If you aren't interested in doing that, find a bedtime routine that works for everyone in the family - he's old enough now that you could for sure let him cry it out in his room. I would just be sure you have a good routine (bath, pj's story, brush teeth, bed for example) that signals bedtime, then put him in his bed , leave the room, and shut the door.
      it started when he switched to a toddler bed about a month ago and we were not co-sleeping before. We don't give him sugar (I.e. junk juice and candy) but he does seem to get amped up at the end of the night so I lay with him to help him wind down. Some nights (but few), it works well. Most of the time, he just won't go to sleep unless we stay in the whole time, which can be an hour or more. I love my child but I love my husband too and it's important that we get some downtime together. Plus, I usually have work to do and I have to get his stuff together for the next day. Any insight would be great. Thanks!
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