Nicknames for Preschoolers

I call Mason "Buggy" - not really sure why, it started as Buddy when he was little and has since evolved. Sometimes I shorten it to just "Bug"

Audrey we call "Little Bear" and I have absolutely no idea where that came from. We also call her "munch" sometimes... it was munchkin, but has been shortened because of her love for food... and munching on it ;)

What do you call your kids, and why?

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    My husband started calling my son (black shirt) Gunga when he was a baby (in the picture with my daughter. He said that Gary had a "Gunga" shaped head. It made no sense to me but it stuck. When he hit Jr High, he asked us not to call him that in public anymore, But by high school he had once again embraced it "the girls like it mom". and he had it tattoo'd on his arm. None of the grandparents have ever called him by his nickname, and these days it is often shortened to Gung. This scrapbook page has his son as well. They looked Identical..but I am glad he didn't pass on a strange nickname.
      8Theresa Gould
      We have a bunch. Jumpy, Jr., Nookie Bear, Peanut, Kitty, Blondie and then the children have their own nicknames for each other on top of those! It's pretty interesting.
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