Theft at Goodwill! Lol

me and my daughter were at Goodwill and when we arrived we saw a police car outside and thought why would there be a police car at Goodwill well we went inside and saw a policeman leading a young girl into his car so I went up to the lady at the desk and asked what happened and she said the lady stole two shirts and the shirts were $2.50 why call the police send them out for better things I just would have said drop the shirts and leave and don't come back but if you would have asked nicely i would have given her the shirts and if when I confronted her she ran let her runaway I was only four dollars only call the police if the item is over 15 dollars because she has to go to jail they have to take time to put her in jail they have to check her in and it will cost her 300 dollars to bail her out and she will have a criminal record for the rest of her life heck I would have said go to my house and take all the shirts you want! Lol but moms if you children are old enough to understand please tell them about this story I is a good learning lesson because they learn that if you steal the smallest thing it makes the biggest difference

    8Theresa Gould
    That is really sad. Guess they have zero tolerance, unless it wasn't her first time getting caught.
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