What is he doing this for?

Logan has been acting out a lot. I dont know if its jelousy or change of his routine or if he is tired as he has been not sleeping well for nap or bed time.
He has been non stop in timeout, we tell him no he gives u a dirty look and does it anyway. Like yesterday we told him no hose and no sooner we say it haiden comes in soaked as logan sprayed him. He jammed sticks in the laundry vent that is outside along with haiden. He takes off when he is outside. We tell him no outside and if we are busy doing something he heads out. He has ran to a park by himself, rode his scooter in the parking lot which is behind our house. He takes sand out of the sandbox when we tell him consistantly sand stays in, and worse is he will just go to anyone with bucket of sand and dump it out.
I know he is tired as he has been sucking his thumb a lot more than he normally does which he would only do when he was tired.
He is becoming a pickey eater too and he never was.
To top it all off he has been potty trained for the last 2.5years. And now he will hold his pee in and do a potty dance, u tell him to go potty and he says no and by the time u get him there he pees in his pants or on the floor. He also will just pee outside where ever he feels like it. And lately he has been pooping in his pants, he refuses to go.
He starts preschool this fall and i already have him registerd and paid for his spot. Now i am afraid to send him with his behavior as the teacher had haiden and he was good as he knew when to turn his behavior off where as logan dont care who it is.

    8Theresa Gould
    Has anything else changed? Have you tried spending some one on one time with him, like some extra time? Have you tried more praise? One of our children would act out when they were not getting enough attention but as soon as we poured on praise for what he was doing right or took him on an errand, it was like his love tank was filled and he was a peaceful, happy boy again. And jealousy, change of routine can set certain children "off".
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