Worlds best Pop Pop.

So my Pop Pop called me to ask me what to get Hailey for her birthday the day before her party but I missed his call and didn't realize it until later. The gift he wound up getting her was a piano/keyboard. He personally took it out and put batteries in it and tested it before he wrapped up the box to "make sure it was a gift she would like." Of all of the gifts she got this is the one the kids play with the most. They all love it! Its very light so both the girls can pick it up and move it around. They have a blast playing music and dancing around. Even my 6mth old son can play with it if I hold him up so hes standing. Its the perfect height for him and he loves to push the buttons and watch the lights flash. He also makes the girls up goodie bags every time they come over or he comes to see them filled with peanut butter crackers and their favorite snacks. Thats how he was when we were little also. This man had to spend a fortune just on snacks and goodies for us grandkids(they have like 13 grandkids) because their house was always full of them and we always got a bag to take home. All in all Pop Pop's still got it. Even in his 70's he still holds the record for the best Pop Pop ever. :)

Worlds best Pop Pop.
amandaMorrisville, Pennsylvania
    8Theresa Gould
    Aww...what a sweet Pop you have! I bet all the grandchildren love to visit them! What a great gift for your daughter too, glad they are having fun!
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