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I read this article today:…

It's about a 6year study done on women who've had more then one child. They divided them in to 3 groups based on the amount of time between the birth of one child and conceiving the next, Less then 12mo, 12-18mo, and more then 18mo. They're calling more then 18mo 'optimal'.

The findings showed that 20.1% women with less then 12mo between birth and conception gave birth before they reached 37 weeks. This is almost twice as likely as women with the 'optimal' spacing between pregnancies. Only 7.7% of women who waited at least 18 months to get pregnant again had preterm births.

I've heard before that having kids too close together can be dangerous, but I know a lot of people have kids that are only a year or so apart and they seem fine. If you wait until your first child is 18mo old to get pregnant again that means they'll be a 2 year 3 month age difference between your kids.

What do you think about these findings? Would this information change how you would decide when to get pregnant again?

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      8Theresa Gould
      Nope, I don't find that rings true for me. Our second and third are 14.5 months a part and my third was only born a week early. My fourth and fifth are 18 months a part and my fifth was born a week and a half late. I can't remember how large the study was or if the article even said, but I don't put much stock in a study unless it covers a huge number of people, otherwise I feel the results are somewhat skewed.
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