Worksheets for preschool: cutting practice

Our preschool books have cutting practice in them but with our last child he learned to cut by cutting out paper dolls! Our children love paper dolls and make their own out of coloring pages or things they draw so they are constantly coloring and cutting out. Jr. joined them and cuts VERY well because he learned by watching his siblings and then by doing.

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    8Theresa Gould
    We had some of those with some of the children too.
      My sister just took regular computer paper and squiggled lines on it then gave her son scissors. Kept him occupied while she was working with the other two.
        Oh so old-school, I love it! When I was a kid my mum made paper dolls for me and my sissy; I wish that I'd adopted this for my own kids they sell cutouts at all of those fancy toy stores and like a ditsy I bought them. The kids loss interest in all of those things within days, those homemade toys are always more enjoyable and they create the best memories....
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