What questions should you ask about your new baby?

When I first left the hospital it felt like I was completely under control of the new baby situation. The nurses asked me if I had any questions.. Nope! I got this! As soon as I got home I was so confused. You should definitely keep a list of questions that are on your mind. I taped a sheet of paper on the fridge and every time I thought about something I would write it down right away. At first it was questions like... How can I help him with the congestion? What temperature is considered running a fever? What kind of poop should I be looking for? How much should he be eating? What do I do if I have questions after hours? Is it okay to leave the house?

You'll have your own of course. Don't ever think you're asking too many questions, it's not possible. Ask away!

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    8Theresa Gould
    I use to write down my questions for the next doctors visit so I could ask our nurse practitioner - she loved questions and was so patient! :)
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