How early can a baby use a walker

Older walkers are actually frowned upon these days because of the risk of rolling down the stairs with them. We did have one with our oldest and then got rid of it, like many things that took up space and we could live without.

Otherwise the more modern walkers like exersaucers (sp?) etc. I'd say when they are holding their heads up well and starting to stand in your lap, they can be used for short periods of time.

As far as toys that assist in walking, as soon as they are pulling themselves up and taking steps. Though be careful of the ones they can pull down on themselves if they fall down.

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    Charlie really likes his walker. He's been using it since around 4 months, when his feet would touch the ground the way they were supposed to. At first I stuffed a blanket in the seat with him to keep him stable but after a month or so he was much better at it and I could take the blanket away. The new walkers have little diagrams that show how their feet should touch so you know when it's safe to put baby in them. I love ours!
      We closed off our stairs and had both a walker and an exersaucer. I think we got more use out of the exersaucer, but there was a while when Maddie enjoyed coasting around on our hardwood floors.
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