Did your baby's demeanor change?

So, Charlie has always been such a good boy. All smiles. People in town just love his smile. Now, he's 6 months old so this is nothing that I'm actually worried about. I'm just curious if it's a normal thing. The other day we took him to the doc for his shots and he was all business. No smiles at all. We laughed and said ahh well doc he just knows why he's here, that's all! hardeee har. He checked out more than good, perfect, the doc said. But he didn't smile at anyone. At all.

Yesterday I went to the bank. Our town is one of those that everyone knows Charlie so all of the ladies swarm over to us when we come in. No smiles. To any of them. They even tried to make silly faces, one lady scared him on accident. He jumped and just looked at me, and back at them. No smiles.

Last night he was at his Auntie and Uncles hows. All smiles.

So.. Ed thinks he's just starting to recognize people. Like.. I know you. I don't know you. Do you think that's what it is? Again, I am NOT WORRIED. I don't think anything is wrong.. I'm just curious.

    8Theresa Gould
    I agree with Sheila and Ed. Some of mine got shy around people but my extroverts didn't really change.
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