Tmi but how are your periods

So i had a a period at the age of 10 and to be exact on my 10th bday right after school.
In my teens i always noticed my periods when they came was a tad bit weird. Like one month it would come with no warning so i had no time to prepare for it and by the second day it made me feel sick. Then other times i would be so crampy and gassey before it came.
Now in my adult years and 3 kids later, it does the same thing. But only differnce is that sometimes i bleed a lot like soak 4-5 pads if not more by the end of the day and others its like a extreme case of spotting where i soak less pads. On the days its heavy bleeding there is ususally no cramps, and on the days of less bleeding there is tons of cramps that make me feel sick.
My period was a day late this week. It came yesterday night and its one of those that is a less bleeding but makes me feel sick period.

    I haven't had my period since September. Possibly because I'm nursing, possibly for other reasons. I am having my OB/GYN look into it, but in the meantime, I can't really remember! :-P
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      Mine are lighter and shorter than they were before I had children. I don't mind!
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