My only resolution for this year was to breathe. Charlie was born mid-December and I am a paranoid crazy first time mom. So far I'm doing okay, he still has all fingers and toes and is generally a happy camper and is perfectly healthy. I've had a few panic attacks but refuse to be upset about that.

Since it's already June (what the heck?) I'm just wondering how everyone else is doing with their resolutions?

    I feel like mindfulness may have been my resolution, but I don't really remember! Uh oh!
      I made a point of not making resolutions this year. And not in that angry hipster I'm too cool for it kind of way. I just had so freaking much going on at that point in my life that I wasn't sure which way was up. I had just moved out from a house with my boyfriend, moved into our own home, was miserable with the job I had and was pretty much reeling.

      If I make any resolutions this coming up year it would be to keep listening to my intuition, so far it has been steering me in the right direction.
        8Theresa Gould
        I made some goals and we are getting there. We have gone on some outings, but not as many field trips as I would like. We are still in the throws of ups and downs financially. But overall we see some improvements.
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